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extras agencyExtras Agency – professional modelling service

Do you need experienced extras for your projects? Do you want to hire professional episodists or models for your film sets? If yes, you are in the right place – at Extras Agency we have exactly what you are looking for. We deal with professional event management and mediation between clients and extras. Get to know our artist base and see what we can do for you. Check why it is worth cooperating with us and what distinguishes us on the modelling agency market.

model agencyExperience and professionalism

Our Extras Agency has many years of experience in providing modelling services. We have been operating in the industry since 2011, which allowed us to gain valuable knowledge and get to know the model market from the inside out. Thanks to that we offer complex services connected with hiring Models, Extras and other people necessary on the photo and video sets. We cooperate with the best specialists in the industry. In our ranks, there are both experienced recruiters and professional photographers.

The secret of Extras Agency’s success are people

Our base includes artists with different levels of experience. We are a Model and Extras Agency open to people who are distinctive or stand out from the crowd in some way, even if they do not have much experience. We collect rough diamonds and help them spread their wings. At Extras Agency we have access to a professional, fully equipped set for photoshoots. This is where we test the skills of our Extras and help them build their portfolios. We cooperate with experienced photographers, who not only create beautiful pictures, but also introduce new people to the art of modelling. Thanks to this, we develop our photo database and turn the people who apply to us into real artists. In this way, we create valuable models for potential clients and help Young Talents to grow.

International Cooperation

In our database of Models and Extras, we have gathered artists from all over the world. You will find faces with characteristics of different nationalities and ethnicities. Moreover, at Extras Agency we cooperate with professional model agencies based in different countries, so we can find for you Models of exactly the type you need.

Flexibility and diversity – Extras Agency extensive model database

A unique advantage of our Episodists and Extras Agency is a huge base of faces and a possibility to choose from a wide range of artists. Cooperation with Extras Agency guarantees our Clients constant access to, among others:

  • extras and episodists
  • actors and models
  • dancers and hosts

We managed to gather over 10 thousand artists of different specializations and experience levels. These are people of all ages and abilities. Thanks to that we help to organize many events and projects.

agencja modelingowa WarszawaWhat projects will you realize with Extras Agency?

Our Artists are people from different industries with unique skills and experience. The huge base of people we work with allows us to adjust to the needs of different events and initiatives. Episodists from Extras Agency can easily find themselves on the sets of commercials and television campaigns. We also have access to professional Actors and Actresses who can expertly play their part in a film or series. In addition, we offer the services of many distinctive Models for photoshoots and photo projects. In the Extras Agency database, you will even find dancers for music videos or other musical events. So no matter the nature of your event, we can surely help you to organize them on the highest level.

Exceptional services for the satisfaction of our clients

At Extras Agency we not only provide a huge database of Statists – but we are also able to adapt to individual needs and special requests of our Clients. If you have not been able to find the right models in our photo database, please contact us using the form available on our website or call us on the direct number. We will try to present to you the people who best suit your vision. However, if it turns out that we do not have them in our database, we can organize additional interviews in search of the qualities you specified. Let us know your needs and we will take care of the rest.

Boost your career with Extras Agency

Despite our extensive modelling database, we are constantly looking for new talent. If you want to try your hand at modelling or are looking for new opportunities for attractive cooperation, send your application to Extras Agency. Just fill in the contact form available here. To apply we only need:

  • personal data
  • dimensions
  • indication of specialization and experience
  • some recent photographs

You can find more information about our requirements on the given page. If you make an exceptionally positive impression on us, we will invite you to our Extras Agency’s studio for an additional interview combined with a photo shoot. However, you can be sure that you will get a response from us, regardless of the outcome of the interview. Who knows, maybe we are waiting just for you? Give yourself the chance for an exceptional career!

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