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„An actor must learn everything there is to learn, experience everything there is to experience, or get as close to it as possible.” said James Dean, an icon of the American film scene. It is up to the actors’ performance to make the viewer believe in the story they are watching. If you’re looking for exceptional actors for your projects, you’ve come to the right place. At Acting Agency we have exactly what you need.

Diversity and talent

At Acting Agency we have managed to bring together a huge kaleidoscope of different faces. We have talented Actors of every age, gender, nationality, or ethnicity in our database. They are individuals with different temperaments, characters and levels of experience. Each of our Actors at the Acting Agency has something unique about them. Check out our database and choose the best Actors for your vision.

Why choose Acting Agency?

We are an Acting Agency successfully operating in the market since 2011. We are based in Warsaw, but we cooperate with Actors and Agencies all over the world. Years of experience have allowed us to build a database of contacts and develop the most effective methods of operation. We employ the best professionals from industries such as photography, modelling and advertising. We draw on our knowledge and experience thanks to the valuable contacts we have gained over the years, which allows us to constantly develop as Acting Agency.

What do you gain with Acting Agency?

At Acting Agency we help you to find the best faces and actors for your projects. You will find many acting talents to use in:

  • commercials
  • music videos
  • TV series
  • special events

Our database includes professional actors as well as extras or episodic actors. We search for people who best fit the required profile and we mediate in contact with selected people. We also take care of all the formalities, including signing the contracts and providing the necessary insurance. If we do not find the right people for your requirements, we organise additional auditions and castings. All this is to ensure you get the best talent and people with the skills you need.

model agencyWhy are our Actors special?

When we create Acting Agency, from the beginning of our history, we focus on quality. That’s why we carry out a very detailed selection of candidates for our database to find exceptional talents. Sometimes we find a diamond in the rough and we try to guide the candidate in such a way that he/she learns as much as possible about the nuances of working in front of the camera before being commissioned. That is why Actors from our Agency can meet all requirements and find themselves in every situation, even the most difficult one.

Comprehensive services and flexible co-operation

In our Acting Agency, we offer not only the services of Actors but in our database, you can also find many Models for photoshoots and fashion shows. Within the framework of our activity, we also conduct training photo sessions to check the skills of employed people and to offer you the best talents. These sessions effectively prepare the Artists for work with a camera and allow them to get used to the shooting set. That is why at Acting Agency you receive a guarantee of professionalism and fruitful cooperation.

What does the cooperation look like?

At Acting Agency we always put our clients’ needs first – after all, we are here for you. Tell us about your vision and the project you want to realise. We share your enthusiasm and eagerness for all creative projects. We’ll help you realise any idea and find the right people to fulfil the task with joy and professionalism. Tell us what you need and let us take care of the formal side of the project. Thanks to our experience, we can guarantee that we will not disappoint your trust.

extras agencyHow to get in touch with Acting Agency?

Now that you have visited our website, you are probably looking for exceptional acting talent to work on your project. As a first step, we encourage you to take a look at our photo database. This will give you a more complete picture of the actors we employ and make it easier for you to choose the right people to work with. You can also get acquainted with our offer and an approximate price list. If you have any additional questions or doubts, please fill in the contact form – leave your e-mail address or phone number and we will contact you and give you all the information you need.

Would you like to try your hand at acting – contact us

If you have always felt a love for acting and you can play any scene or emotion, you are in the right place. You too can join the ranks of our exceptional Actors and receive commissions for new and interesting projects! Just fill in the application form available on our website. Please attach a couple of recent photos of yourself and write a few words about yourself. We also welcome a short video in which you interestingly tell your story. You may be just one step away from starting your international acting career – don’t wait and contact us!

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